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Caveman Robot, hero of past, present, and future!

or The Caveman Robot Epic Sketchbook : Bratty kid, Pete Malfortuna finds he gets more than he bargains for when he wishes for his favorite hero, Caveman Robot to be at his Birthday party.
As his candles are blown out when by the actual Hero, comes crashing through the ceiling locked in combat with the Dreaded Krabran Goon!

Running straight into the middle of the fight, and doing nothing but making everything worse.
Pete gets himself and Caveman Robot sucked straight into the Miraculous TIMEOVEN.
Now the time twisted pair begin a fantastic journey from the dawn of History to the very end of Infinity itself.
As Caveman Robot tries to protect Pete, from an endless array of dangers from past, present, and future, behind it all is Ape Lincoln, the evil gorilla mastermind, that knows Pete is the key to his secret sinister schemes to destroy Caveman Robot.

Action figure, 2010, animation, Caveman Robot bad spock drawings, Caveman Robot jason robert bell tetragrammatron, captain ass kick., Caveman Robot jason robert bell, Caveman Robot jason robert bell tetragrammatron britton walters, Caveman Robot jason robert bell tetragrammatron debby Schwartz, bronx charter school for the arts, alcove, Adam Swiderski, Behold the Dodecatron, Caveman Robot is an ongoing multimedia project encompassing over 15 years of zines, comics, toys, paper models, trading cards, images, sound, performance, experimental films, animation, and all points in-between. Over the years there have been contributions from such notable talents as Jason Robert Bell, Shoshanna Weinberger, Britton Walters, Greg Cook, Joe Infurnari, Juliann Kroboth, Jeff Lewonczyk, Debby Schwartz, Dave Weston, Steve Espinola, Chris Harcum, Hope Cartelli, Robin Reed, Devon Hawks Ludlow, Jonathan Latiano, countless others, and maybe even you!

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